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Bank while you learn.
Learn while you bank.

Financial education is built into the Copper experience.
We offer the tools to help kids learn smart money habits – with real money, in the real world. 
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Banking built for kids &
teens from the ground up


Save while you spend with your debit card

Banking offers kids a debit card that can be used to spend online or in-store, with access to over 55k fee-free ATMs.

Make every Copper card purchase count toward your long-term goals.


Save more, earn more with up to 5% Savings Rewards

Kids and teens can create savings goals and reach them faster with up to 5% savings rewards.


Get money, send money & spend money with P2P

Not only can parents easily send money to their kids, but P2P even lets kids send money to each other. Everyone gets paid.

Automatic Allowance
Parents can send money regularly, skip anytime easily, and say goodbye to the ATM for good.


Put your paycheck to work with Direct Deposit

Teens, get your paycheck instantly deposited into your Copper account to get paid up to 2 days early.

Automatically put aside a percentage of your income toward your long-term goals.


Parent wallets stay ready with Auto-Reload

When your wallet dips below a certain point, we'll reload it automatically for you.


Invest (the smart way)

The investing world can seem like a complex place. But not here.

We make it easy to build long-term wealth in a safe learning environment. With portfolios designed for young investors, we  help them develop smart, proven investing habits.

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Built-in financial education

At Copper, we believe financial education lives beyond the classroom. That’s why we built the app: to share the knowledge that will help the next generation build long-term wealth & the financial literacy they need to succeed.

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