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Empowering kids & teens

 with their own bank accounts.

Kids start saving safer, smarter, and sooner with Copper

Real-world financial empowerment grows in Copper’s savings accounts, designed for teens & kids age 6+.

With Copper’s real-world savings tools, kids & teens can practice saving, smart spending, and budgeting in a controlled environment (where parents always stay in the loop).

With monthly rewards of up to 5%, actionable savings goals, and automated features that make it easier to stash cash without having to think about it, Copper helps kids & teens learn financial lessons and get valuable money management experience.

Savings Rewards

Incentivizing kids to save more works wonders for building good habits! That’s why we offer kids up to 5% in monthly savings rewards — so they can quickly grow their savings account (and get some real-world experience along the way).

It’s simple: the more kids save, the more they earn. Now that’s a rewarding experience.


Divvy up your dough

Make saving for the future easy now. With Divvy, a percentage of all deposits are automatically sent to your child’s saving or investing account with Copper.

It’s simple: kids choose the amount, and Divvy automatically sets aside a percentage to save for their future. Divvy & done.


RoundUps save even more

With Roundups, kids can make every Copper card purchase count toward their long-term goals. To ensure they get the most out of daily spending, RoundUps automatically (ahem) rounds up Copper card purchases to the dollar, sending the difference to their savings or investing account.

Watch & learn how a little change on every purchase can add up to bigger balances over time!


Savings goals

Turn financial dreams into rewarding reality with savings goals. With Copper Banking, kids & teens can create custom savings goals for things they want and reach them faster by earning monthly rewards on their savings balance.

Built-in financial education

At Copper, we believe financial education lives beyond the classroom. That’s why we built the app: to share the knowledge that will help the next generation build long-term wealth & the financial literacy they need to succeed.

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