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Banking built for kids and teens.

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Our built-in education helps kids develop smart money habits while they bank.

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Copper Banking App IllustrationCopper Banking App Illustration

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👩🏿 Use the Copper debit card to shop everywhere and withdraw cash for FREE at over 55,000 ATMs

💸 Monitor spending and instantly send money in seconds. No more lending out your card, or having to pull out cash.

🥳 No Credit Checks, No Overdraft fees, No hidden fees.

💅 Your account is backed by Zero Liability Protection

🎮 Open an account for your teen in minutes.



Executive director of financial education at Copper Banking

She is a regular contributor to Forbes, and author of ‘Beyond Piggybanks & Lemonade Stands’.

How do
you teach

With real life experience, guided by Copper experts. Get tips along the way and set your teen up for future financial success. Parent of the year? Probably.



Financial Literacy Advisor at Copper Banking

Her work in financial literacy has been honored by Queen Elizabeth and recognized by the World Economic Forum.

Copper Banking App Illustration
  1. Sign up

    Enter your information to create your own account in seconds. This step gives you visibility into your teen’s spending and the ability to send cash seamlessly.

  2. Approve your teen

    Approve your teen for their Copper account. Commence future entreprenuer.

  3. Boom.

    Your child is on their way to a brighter financial future (and your life just got a bit easier).



Safety and Security that doesn’t compromise.


We use secure encryption and authentification to protect your account.

Privacy Protection

We value your personal information and promise that we will never share it.


FDIC Insured

Your money will be insured up to $250,000 through Evolve Bank & Trust.

Fraud Monitoring

We verify all users and monitor your account for any suspicious activity.

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