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Three smartphones, each displaying a different dynamic screen on the Copper app: savings goals, investments, and a quiz.

financial education for your students

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Hello, we’re Copper.
Nice to meet you.

We’re a financial education platform partnering with schools around the country to teach teens the basics of financial literacy. Give your students the tools they need for a successful financial future.

Copper’s free financial education workshop

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Built for teachers by
financial education experts

A classroom setting.

In-person workshop during your class period

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Bite-sized interactive lessons

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Parents get full approval and real-time monitoring

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Provided free to school
(Through Copper’s sponsorship)

Over 1.2m+ members

Trusted by over 3,000 schools

We teach

A white and green cash register with a dollar sign and Copper logo emerges from a dark purple background.

The importance of developing smart money habits

A green and white hand icon with a green Copper logo coin hovering above it emerges from a dark purple background.

Saving for the future

The back of a white debit card, magnetic stripe visible, with a green checkmark in the bottom right corner.

How to budget and spend wisely

Two green arrows trending upward.

Setting goals and reaching them

A white bar graph with an arrow above it, showing growth.

Investing the smart way

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A phone stands up, showing a Copper transaction screen. Around it are purple eye icons, circles, and a magnifying glass. Behind the phone sits the Copper debit card.

Our goal is to help create the first financially successful generation. Join us!


What is Copper?

Copper is taking a new approach to banking and financial education that teaches youth how to make smart decisions with their money through experience in a safe learning environment. Our goal is to empower the next generation to be financially successful. 💸

How is Copper different?

Copper provides a bank account with education built in. Parents get a mobile app with a connected debit card for youth, ages 6 and up, including the tools to make spending, saving, moving, and managing their money a breeze. Teaching youth the ABC’s of money. While parents can monitor it all in real time .😎

How does Copper protect families' privacy and financial information?

This is an area to be particularly careful about with any financial services company you choose to do business with.

Account data information breaches put consumers at risk of identity fraud. To protect your sensitive personal and account information, we use what's called encryption to protect your data no matter where it is in the process. Data experts call this 'encryption in-transit and at-rest.'
There are many tools we use to ensure your personal and account information cannot be inappropriately accessed. This is a priority for us as our solutions for you are built on your trust in our systems keeping you and your accounts safe. To learn about what data and personal information we collect to manage your account(s) and how we use it, please read the Copper Privacy Policy.

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