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What do our taxes actually go toward?

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Your parents pay them, you might pay them but what do they actually pay for? Where do our tax dollars go? Marli dives in.

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How Do I Make A Budget?

Budgeting is a powerful tool to plan for how you save and spend your money but it can seem daunting. In this episode of Cheat Codes, Marli explains how you can create a simple budget to put you on the path to becoming a financial superstar.

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What Is Collateral?

I ask Jimmy for a loan but he asks for my bike as collateral. What does that even mean? Check out this episode of cheat codes to learn this in's and out's of collateral. Check it out!

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How Do I Buy A Car? - Part 3

Here's the final lesson on how to buy your first used or new vehicle.

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How Do I Buy A Car? - Part 2

Part II of How to Buy a Car - Financial Literacy for Teens

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How Do I Buy A Car? - Part 1

Thinking about buying car? Learn how in this three part series!

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Simple Ways To Manage Money

Managing your money is boring. There I said it. But it doesn't have to be. In this episode of Cheat Codes, Marli reviews some simple ways that you can manage your money and be well on your way to becoming a financial rockstar. Give it a watch!

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What Do Banks Actually Do?

We all know about banks but have you ever really (and I mean really) thought about how they actually work? Marli is back to break down the complex world of banks into terms that we can all understand! Take a look!

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