Bite-sized financial lessons to help you become a financial superstar.

What Is The Lottery?

So you want to win the lottery? Who doesn't! Before you buy that ticket or enter that raffle, there are some things that you should know. Take a look!

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What Is Stock Market Capitalization?

Companies can make a lot of money by going public. But how much money? Learn about Stock Market Capitalization and how it can serve as a great resource to understand the value of a particular company based on both the stock value and the amount of stock it distributes. Take a look.

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What Is An IPO?

Did you hear about the company that is "going public"?" You most likely have heard this phrase a time or two but what does "going public" or the technical term, Initial Public Offering (IPO), actually refer to? Marli is back and eager to give you the info you need about what all the buzz is about when a company registers for an IPO. Give it a watch!

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What Is A Mortgage?

Your parents might have a mortgage, or you may have heard about them. In this episode of Money Moves, Marli reviews the daunting concept of "Mortgages". What they are, how they work, and how, at the core, they are a great tool. Take a look!

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How Do I Make A Budget?

Budgeting is a powerful tool to plan for how you save and spend your money, but it can seem daunting. In this episode of Money Moves, Marli explains how you can create a simple budget to put you on the path to becoming a financial superstar.

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What Is Social Security?

Social Security. We hear about it often but do we actually know what it is? Marli reviews this and more in this episode of Money Moves.

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What Is Inflation?

Marli dives into inflation. What it is, how it works, and how it can be both good and bad. Give it a watch!

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What Is Net Worth?

Net worth is a great way to see how you are doing on your financial goals. Don't know what it is? Don't worry, Marli is back to explain how it is calculated, how it is used and why it is a great tool for measuring progress toward your goals. Check it out!

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What Is Debt-To-Income Ratio?

Do you know your debt-to-income ratio? Would you like to find out? Marli will show you how to calculate your DTI and what it means for things like getting a loan. Check it out!

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What Is Compound Interest?

Compound interest is often called one of the most powerful concepts in finance. On this episode of Money Moves Marli explains what it is and how it can work for you.

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What Is Collateral?

I ask Jimmy for a loan but he asks for my bike as collateral. What does that even mean? Check out this episode of Money Moves to learn this in's and out's of collateral.

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What Is A Stock?

The stock market is all over the news but do you actually know what a stock is? Marli explains what they are, how they work and what you need to consider before purchasing one. Check it out!

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