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Why Copper?

Through our mission, we’ve curated an audience unlike any other – 3+ million Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha individuals actively seeking opportunities to earn and learn.

Copper is more than a family banking platform; we are architects of a financial evolution. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind app, kids, teens, and adults are able to forge real financial progress on their own by earning real money and learning how to manage it for the long term. By building up balances as they grow their money management skills, families across the U.S. are discovering the key to empowering themselves financially with Copper. And now, we’re giving you access to this sought-after audience for cutting-edge, first-party insights that go beyond demographics.

What sets
us apart:

Mobile-first strategy

A staggering 95% of our users prefer mobile engagement, creating an optimal environment for insightful studies.

Transactional data

As we are a fintech company with debit cards for users, we have the ability to append data with transactions as well as receipt capture.

Secure banking practices

We uphold the most stringent security standards & compliance practices that require rigorous validation.

Quality first-party proprietary panel

Through our fintech application and FDIC-insured security processes, our first-party proprietary panel stands apart in terms of data quality.

Our Partnership Journey Begins

With our best-in-class fintech & earning app comes a keen understanding of kid, teen, young adult, and parent perspectives. By aligning with Copper, you are becoming part of a movement to shape the financial success of future generations.

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