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A Financial Advisor in Your Kid's Pocket

December 13, 2022


Terra Durio

Copper, the go-to banking app that truly teaches teens and kids about money and sets them up for future financial success, announced today its expansion to Copper Investing, a teen-centric Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Copper Investing offers accessible, automated investing portfolios for teens to learn about (and actually start) building wealth in a safe environment. Its goal is to financially empower teens for the long term by building and reinforcing real-world learning experiences that help teens grow as investors—not just make money. 

After offering free financial literacy workshops in over 5,000 high schools across the country, Copper expands beyond banking with Copper Investing: a first-of-its-kind teen investing platform guided by education. The product offers accessible and automated investing portfolios for teens to build their financial literacy from an early age and apply those learnings to accumulate wealth safely. 

“With inflation on the rise, teens need to go beyond saving—they need to learn about growing wealth,” says Eddie Behringer, Co-Founder and CEO of Copper. “One of the biggest opportunities for teen wealth-building is time in the market and willingness to take risk. Our research shows teens are eager to get started and with Copper Investing, we will empower them to become savvy investors from a place of financial education so parents can feel secure, too, knowing their teen’s financial future comes first.”

Copper Investing uses a proprietary questionnaire that follows industry best practices to specifically assess the risk tolerance of its users. Then, it pairs them with a carefully crafted portfolio within their investment comfort zone while ensuring parent’s investment preferences are met. All three of Copper’s global equity portfolios do not include bond or crypto exposure and are designed to provide an attractive tradeoff between risk and long-term return through a diversified set of low-cost ETFs. Additionally, Copper has committed approximately $1M to 200,000+ individuals on the Copper Investing waitlist. As the Investing product rolls out, this generation of teen investors will total over $1M in Copper-funded contributions to their first-ever investing and wealth-building accounts. 

“I believe that during the pandemic we lost a lot of things that are important by not attending school.I feel that being knowledgeable about finance and investments is really important for our future, '' says Copper member, Aidan F. from Cottonwood, CA. 

Copper’s growth in financial services is an example of a fintech's potential for real-world empowerment. The company was recently invited to The White House, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and Federal Reserve to discuss the bright future of financial technology as a tool for education and access.

About Copper

Copper is banking built for teens. Founded with the mission to create the first financially literate generation, Copper teaches teens to make smart financial decisions. The Copper app and debit card allow teens to receive money from their parents, keep track of spending, and save—with no hidden fees. Financial tips built into the app help teens learn the essential money lessons they’ll need throughout life. Copper’s Investing product is a teen-centric Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Copper is backed by leading investors including Fiat Ventures, Insight Partners, Invesco Private Capital and Panoramic Ventures. More information can be found at

Copper is a financial technology company. Banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, brokerage services by DriveWealth, LLC, member of FINRA and SIPC.

Kathy Osborne


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