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Why Did I Join Copper

November 3, 2020


Koosha Azim

Money excites me in many ways. From my early start in the cryptocurrency industry to late-night 7-Eleven purchases, I have seen how value can be transferred in various settings. 

As a teen, wealth accumulation and spending is a vital desire. I seek different avenues of income to feed a continuous plan to make more money. I am not alone; many of my fellow Gen Zers share a similar drive.

I have multiple friends that have the traditional 9 to 5 job to earn income. I also know many young people striving to establish passive income sources. Regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds or passions, my generation is full of go-getters ready to reach their full potential.

When I first started thinking about money and entrepreneurship, there weren’t many applications or organizations addressing the needs of kids like me. While there were numerous blogs and independent content creators addressing many of my financial questions, I still felt unsatisfied with the lack of teenage financial literacy that was being provided both in my formal schooling as well as the private sector.

The majority of my high school schooling went by with little to no mention of how to deal with money. When I was introduced to the Copper team by a fellow intern, Saumon Tahmassebi, I was instantly intrigued by Copper’s mission to help teens develop a strong financial future.

Although financial literacy never came up in school, I am certain that at Copper: we will be the financial tech and literacy backbone for teens across the country and provide the resources needed for parents to help us in this cause. The financial technology space inspires me to think outside the box and continuously develop new solutions to equip future generations. Whether it be educating Africans on blockchain technology or recruiting Copper beta testers, I am here to represent countless driven teens ready to start their financial journeys.

This is why I joined Copper. We are the new hustle.

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