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Your Copper Portfolio Breakdown

January 4, 2023


Terra Durio

What’s in a Copper Portfolio?

Great question! The specifics depend on which Copper portfolio you have. However, all of our portfolios are customized to suit a wide range of investment comfort zones, and are built using exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

An ETF helps investors because it can be structured to bundle any large and diverse collection of investments. Copper Investing portfolios use ETFs exclusively because they tend to be low-cost, efficient, and enable diversification. Most importantly, they help us align to the investment comfort zone of any particular investor! 

Copper offers three different portfolio types:

  • Moderately Aggressive
    For young investors who are thoughtful with their money, we recommend the Moderately Aggressive portfolio. Weighted more heavily towards large companies, this portfolio matches their investment comfort zone.
  • Aggressive
    For young investors who are balanced with their money, we recommend the Aggressive portfolio. With a healthy mix of small and large companies, this portfolio matches their investment comfort zone.
  • Extra Aggressive
    For young investors who are ambitious with their money, we recommend the Extra Aggressive portfolio. Weighted heavily towards international companies, this portfolio matches their investment comfort zone.

Depending on the portfolio, an investor will be invested in a customized mix of stock categories across the US and internationally. 

The best part? Anyone can invest confidently knowing all of our portfolios contain stocks in companies young investors know and love (such as Apple, Nike, Microsoft, and 11,000+ others).

To see which ETFs your portfolio includes, check out the breakdown below.

Stock category
Holdings highlights
Moderately Aggressive
Extra Aggressive
Large companies
Core S&P 500 iShares ETF
Tesla, Google, Apple and 500+ other stocks.
Medium companies
S&P MidCap 400 Index iShares
Gamestop, Western Union, Skechers and 400+ other 
Small companies
Core S&P Small-Cap ETF iShares
Robinhood, Mattel, Beyond Meat and 650+ other stocks.
US Real Estate
REIT Vanguard ETF
Prologis, Public Storage, Simon Property Group and 150+ other stocks.
Large international companies
FTSE Developed Market Index ETF
Toyota, Nestle, Sony and 4,100+ other stocks.
Emerging world companies
Emerging Markets Stock Idx ETF
Tencent, Alibaba, Infosys and 5,400+ other stocks.

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