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Empowering kids & teens

 with their own bank accounts.

A Safe Debit Card for Kids

Copper believes in empowering children with financial literacy as soon as possible. That’s why real-world financial empowerment starts with the Copper debit card, specifically designed for kids age 6+.
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Youth Debit Cards

Having their own debit card teaches kids & teens financial responsibility and offers them real-world experience with money management.

They’ll learn valuable lessons about saving, spending, and budgeting that will set the foundation for their financial future — all in a controlled environment, where parents stay informed on every purchase.

RoundUps: save while spending

With RoundUps, every Copper card purchase counts toward your child’s long-term goals. To ensure kids get the most out of their daily spending, RoundUps automatically (ahem) rounds up their Copper card purchases to the dollar, sending the rest to their savings or investing account. It’s a great little savings hack!


Divvy up your dough

Make saving for the future easy now. With Divvy, a part of all income gets sent to your child’s saving or investing account with Copper.

It’s simple: kids choose how much they want to save when they get paid, then Divvy automatically sets it aside for the future. Divvy & done.


Fee-free ATM withdrawals

Thanks to the Allpoint Network, kids can make fee-free cash withdrawals with a Copper debit card anytime, anywhere from any of their 55,000+ ATMs worldwide. Kids can also get cash from any ATM that takes MasterCard (fees may apply if out of network).

Parents, rest easy knowing your kids have access to the real-world convenience they need to manage money on the move!


Cash deposits with GreenDot

Making cash deposits into Copper accounts is simple & stress-free thanks to our partnership with the GreenDot Network (service fee of $4.95). With thousands of locations nationwide, you're never far from a GreenDot deposit location.

It's just another way we’re making banking accessible and straightforward for your kids!


Secure & convenient digital wallet

Safer spending is just a few taps away. No need for a physical card — once a Copper account is linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay, your child’s money is wherever their phone is. Plus, their financial information is fully encrypted throughout the mobile payment process.

Copper’s digital wallet empowers kids to make secure transactions and gain real-world spending experience.


P2P makes payments personal

Sending money through the app is easy with Copper’s secure peer-to-peer (P2P) payments. Not only can parents send money to kids, but P2P even lets kids send money to each other. Save time and skip the ATM — with P2P, everyone gets paid.


Payday comes early with Direct Deposit

Does your teen have a job? With Copper’s direct deposit feature, getting paid up to 2 whole days early is easy.

Teaching your child the value & convenience of direct deposit is a fundamental step in building their financial literacy, and setup is simple: all teens need to do is provide their employer with Copper routing & account numbers. That’s it!

Built-in financial education

At Copper, we believe financial education lives beyond the classroom. That’s why we built the app: to share the knowledge that will help the next generation build long-term wealth & the financial literacy they need to succeed.

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